I offer 2D animation services in 3 styles. 
1 - Photo collage mixed media
2 - animated characters with stock graphics
3 - infographic animations

Characters and elements are animated in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Character animator. 

A mock advert animation project for The School of Motion.
Design and illustration by the great and powerful Ariel Costa. 
Animation by Roslynn Lemmer.

A mock explainer animation project for The School of motion.
Original design and concept by Nol Koenig, the best design teacher on the globe. 
Redesign and motion graphics animation by Roslynn Lemmer. 
Models Craig Sheffield, Lynn Chou and Micah Thompson.
A prototype explainer made for an Australian online recruitment agency that specialises in railway employment. Made with Stock graphics, Style frames designed and animated by Roslynn Lemmer. Music and sound design by Craig Sheffield of Ideal Field Pro. 
What better way to learn more about the process of with an explainer video!!
Need an explainer animation to engage audiences and share your message? An educational video for your employees or students? A beautifully crafted simple animation to draw an audience to your story? You have come to the right spot. Working with my colleagues at Idea Field Pro, we can deliver a production to meet your needs and budget. Watch our video below to learn more!
step 1 ~ Absorption
We will require you to fill in a video needs assessment prior to scheduling a remote meeting to discuss your project. From there we will use the information discussed as well as your public faced media so we can do our own research about your target audience, brand message and vision.
step 2 ~ Script
Creating and crafting a 30-90 second script tailored to your story. Reviewing and finalising it with you with a second remote meeting.  
step 3 ~ Storyboard & Design
Next on the list is designing the artwork for the storyboard style frames, which represent full-color pictures visualizing the main scenes of the planned video. Designed to match the scripting, title graphics, design boards based on your story, color schemes, tones & style. If you have budget concerns, you can choose form a variety of templates we have available. Once this stage has passed your approval and you have signed off on the look and feel, we can move forward confidently knowing we have a killer starting point.
step 4 ~ Vocals 
The 4th step is involving all things audio. For a tighter budget you can send us your own voice recording, which we will edit and refine. Alternatively, we can record it professionally this is where our friends from Idea Field Pro come in. They will help you to find some voice talent and do the recording and mastering. If you require a music track and custom SFX  or any other audio add ons, They offer composition and recording services. 
Step 5 ~ Animation
Now that we have everything ready and in place, its time for the heavy lifting! I will take each element of the style frame designs and get them moving frame by frame. Editing and animating along with the scripted voice over, music track and SFX. Bear in mind it takes around 8 hours of solid grafting to animate around 10 seconds. So this is the time to exercise patience and get excited to see the birth of your story with all the elements in place!
Step 6 ~ Review and Finalisation
I will send you the first draft of your project. Now is your chance to request changes outside of the approved stages in step 1-4. Phew! sounds like a lot of work? That is because it is, but that is why we are here. We hope to hear from you soon to produce an amazing explainer video animation to share your vision and story with the world. 
GOOGLE QUOTE: It takes about 8 hours of work to get 10 seconds of quality animation, so the price for a  30-90 second custom explainer video can range anywhere between $100 – $5500, depending on the type, style, and complexity of your project. 
Here are just some of the things that can affect 
the cost of an explainer video:
~ Animation style and depth of animation
~ Video length
~ Delivery timeline and when you need the final product
~ Custom graphics, voiceovers, music FX, characters, and scripts (versus template graphics)
~ How technical you want the script, and complexity of designs and animation.

How to work with a tight budget:
~do the voiceover yourself, or we can do it for your without voiceover artists
~less complicated animation
~keep it short
~choose from our variety of templates instead of custom graphics

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